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Fishing For Hope

                                                         What we are doing!

Most of us know someone that has had or is fighting cancer.  As we all know this is very hard on everyone involved emotionally and financially.  Even with the best of insurances not everything is covered 100% ..... This is where we are trying to help.  We want to be able to help the patients with their deductibles and/or copays that they may have to meet.  The funds we are able to raise will be paid as directly as possible to someone's bill as to relieve them of some stress so they do not need to choose between buying food or paying for their treatment.  

Salty D's Charters is selling raffle tickets for Offshore Fishing Trips.  The tickets are being sold for $25.00 a ticket. A winner will be selected for every 40 tickets sold.  This is such a great cause and we look forward to raising lots of money for our local cancer patients in need!

We would like to thank you in advance for your support in this raffle.  The patients at the Florida Cancer Specialist Center that receive the funds will greatly appreciate what you are doing to help them get what they need to LIVE!  

Thank you again for your support in this cause!

Captain Dave


Offshore , Backwater, Inshore, Deepsea

            Charters we fish it all

Get them hooked Take your kids fishing

 Fishing scalloping hernando county, Charter Fishing Spring Hill
Big Grouper Fishing
 Fishing scalloping hernando Beach Charter Fishing Spring Hill
 Fishing scalloping hernando county, Charter Fishing Spring Hill
 scalloping hernando Beach, Charter Fishing Spring Hill

                           How We Fish the Flats and Backwater


We fish the flats and backwater with spin fishing gear and a variety of artificial baits and live baits. We offer some of the best equipment in the industry made for this sort of fishing but if you have a favorite of your own you are welcomed to bring it along.


A good bit of patience, stealth and accurate casting is helpful for flats/backwater fishing for a successful day. Stalking and hunting fish requires being quiet and can take some time to get on them. Focus on casting techniques and ability to cast at a moments notice to a fish spotted by your fishing guide is helpful for success.  Your guide will work hard for your memorable day.  Some of the fish you can expect to catch in the Nature Coast Area are Red Drum, Trout, Black Drum, Flounder, Sheepshead, Tarpon, Snook, Cobia, Sharks, Grouper, Sea Bass and much much more! 




                                                         Grouper Fishing


   Shallow water trolling for some hard pulling  Gulf Grouper in 5 to 15 ft of water.


         Off Shore Grouper fishing out to 70 ft of water, fishing Hernando Beach

Fishing Chartes  Big Game
Offshore Fishing





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